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8 types of appetisers and food you must try in Sicily

Arancino o Arancina; Caponata di Melanzane; Pane e Panelle; Scaccie Modicane; Sarde a Beccafico; Involtini di Pesce Spada; Pani Cunzatu; Gambero Rosso.


Arancino o Arancina

Another symbol of Sicilian gastronomy is the arancino, commonly called arancina if we are in the western part of the island. A typical expression of Sicilian rotisserie arancino is a cone or sphere of stuffed, breaded and fried rice. The classic flavors are with meat sauce and butter, but there are numerous variations such as "alla Norma" and even chocolate. Its origins are much discussed, and the various cities of the island compete for paternity; however, the arancino, everywhere in Sicily, is an indispensable delicacy to be enjoyed at any time of the day.


Caponata di Melanzane

With its dozens of variations, the Sicilian caponata is a dish steeped in Mediterranean flavors with a sweet-and-sour taste, used both as a side dish and as a main dish accompanied by bread. The ingredients common to the main recipes, which change according to the local customs of the island, are: fried eggplant, tomato, capers, olives, celery, onion, salt, vinegar and sugar. The caponata represents the typical "poor dish" with a rich and tasty taste, which is consumed above all in the summer months when the aubergine reaches its perfect ripeness.


Pane e Panelle

It is a must to mention the street food of the Palermo cuisine, the street food at the top of the special world ranking compiled by Forbes, whose symbol is represented by the panelle accompanied with bread. The panelle are prepared with chickpea flour, water, parsley and salt; the batter obtained is then cut and fried. 'U pani chi Panelli is a delicious snack often paired with crocché, which consists of potato, pepper and parsley croquettes.


Scaccie Modicane

This sort of rolled focaccia that looks like a savory strudel in the shape, is the symbol of the Modica rotisserie, to be savored on the street or as a quick snack to replace lunch. There are different variations of filling. The most popular in the summer are tomato sauce and parsley, ricotta and sausage, or eggplant.


Sarde a Beccafico

Here is another recipe from Sicily that shows how few fragrant poor ingredients can become a great dish; these are rolls made from spiny sardines stuffed with pine nuts and raisins. The name "a beccafico" is due to the fact that they were a way to simulate a dish of noble kitchen based on beccafichi (a type of small bird).


Involtini di Pesce Spada

Sicilian swordfish rolls are a very fast and above all very tasty second course, inside it contains all the flavors and aromas of Sicily that are enhanced by barbecued cooking. The pine nuts and sultanas (passolina) give the dish a particular taste. Along with the swordfish that is also present in the most famous dishes of Sicilian cuisine.


Pani Cunzatu

A typical specialty of Western Sicily, the cunzato bread (or pani cunzatu) is a bread, strictly homemade, cooked in wood, to be consumed freshly baked.


Gambero Rosso

The red shrimp of Mazara is a species of shrimp that is fished mainly in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the peculiarities is its color, an intense and brilliant red, and it is appreciated for the taste of its meat by all the chefs of Italy.



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