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Mondello boasts a gorgeous 1.5km-stretch of fine white sand, shallow electric blue waters, an architectural treasure trove of Liberty Style villas, a host of excellent seafood restaurants, numerous bars and a vibrant summer atmosphere.

Separated from Palermo by the 700m-high bulk of Montepellegrino, Mondello was originally a fishing village centred around what is now the main piazza. Two fortified towers were erected there in the 15th century as part of Sicily’s coastal defences. Both still survive, the first looking over the harbour, the second a little further north under the rocky mass of Monte Gallo.

Today, Mondello’s beach attracts all-comers, from locals to tourists from all over the world. While the beach does get busy in July and August, there are several well-organised lidos where one may escape the crowds. Throughout the rest of the year - at least from April to the end of June and from the beginning of September to the end of November - you will have plenty of space to yourself.


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