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The largest of all Sicilian islands it was the first stepping stone for the Arab invasion of Sicily in the eighth century AD and its name derives from the Arabic "Bint-al Rion" - Daughter of the Wind.

Pantelleria is one of Sicily's most characteristic minor islands and is not part of an archipelago like the Egadis or the Aeolians. Its rocky coastline extends for just over 31 miles but encapsulates a great deal. It is characterised by jagged lava rock formations, steaming fumaroles and mud baths. There are no true beaches, but Pantelleria's gorgeous, secluded coves are perfect for snorkelling, diving and boat excursions.

Top Attractions

Just inland from Pantelleria's north coast, the iridescent waters of this volcanic lake are a stunning sight.

Those willing to brave the steep and treacherous 3km descent on an unpaved road will be rewarded with one of Pantelleria's most beautiful swimming spots, a gorgeous cove of sparkling blue-green waters.

This archaeological site on Pantelleria's northwestern coast preserves the remains of several mound-shaped Megalithic stone necropolises known as sesi.

This sweeping natural arch of rugged grey stone is reputed to look like an elephant's trunk.

One of Pantelleria's most popular swimming spots is this small rocky cove, equipped with a wooden sundeck for bathers and backed by a cluster of dammusi (shallow-domed traditional stone houses).

Rugged cliffs and grand Mediterranean vistas combine to make this picturesque cove on Pantelleria's east coast one of the island's most popular swimming spots.

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