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The best beaches in the East of Sicily

Punta delle Formiche; Playa Carratois; Isola delle Correnti; Porto Palo; Marzamemi; San Lorenzo; Vendicari; Calamosche; Lido di Noto; Calabernardo; Gelsomineto; Fontane Bianche; Arenella; Plemmirio; La Playa Catania; Aci Castello; Aci Trezza; Fondachello; Giardini Naxos; Isola Bella.


Punta delle formiche

This is a completely unspoilt and wild rocky promontory, a place near Syracuse that lovers of nature and special places will enjoy discovering. The clear waters are ideal for diving and snorkelling. It is near the watershed between the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea (Isola delle Correnti), so there may be winds and strong sea currents. There is a parking area next to the cliff.


The public beach of Playa Carratois is formed of fine golden sand and is located near Syracuse. The clear waters and quiet location make it a true paradise for anyone wanting to relax, while on windy days it is ideal for windsurfing. The beach is served by beach clubs and bars.


Isola delle Correnti

Very picturesque golden sandy beach, located a few kilometres from Syracuse, which is swept by strong currents, as it acts as a watershed between the Mediterranean and the Ionian seas. For this reason, these waters are recommended for expert swimmers only. Nature lovers will enjoy the fascinating island to explore during low tide, while there are equipped areas for those wanting to relax on the beach with services. There is free parking just a few metres from the beach.


Porto Palo

Fine sandy beaches alternate with a rocky coast and a seabed of varying depth. This very charming seaside resort, 60 km from Syracuse, is perfect for snorkelling and diving, as it offers several underwater areas and reefs to explore. The seafront also offers various services to bathers, including bars, restaurants, deckchairs and umbrellas, free and paying parking (blue stripes) near the beach. The area is particularly exposed to winds and currents.



The equipped public beaches, located near Syracuse, feature fine golden sand and are lapped by deep crystal waters. Very popular with tourists, the area is well served by beaches offering a range of services, including bars, restaurants and beach equipment rentals. A few metres from the shore, there are several paying parking areas and some excellent fish restaurants, for anyone wishing to spend a whole day at the beach and have lunch there too.


San Lorenzo

This beach combines an enchanting sea with good facilities, a few kilometres from Noto. The long coastline of San Lorenzo, with its gray-white sand, is served by beach clubs, except for a few public but often overcrowded areas. All the beach clubs offer umbrellas and deckchairs and children's playgrounds, as well as restaurants, bars, showers and toilets. In some cases, you can rent pedal boats or other water sports equipment. This beach is very popular in the summer, but there are large paid car parks a short distance away.



The beach at Vendicari features open sand, rocks and shallow waters; it is located at the entrance to the nature reserve of the same name, near Marzamemi and Syracuse. There is a charge for access to the reserve and the car must be parked in a parking area equipped with bars and showers from which, after a short walk, you reach the completely wild and unspoilt beach. It is definitely the easiest one to reach because it is closer to the car parks, but it is full of charm especially near the cliffs, where you can admire the underwater life with fins and snorkel.



The beach of Calamosche is located inside the protected Vendicari nature reserve, near Noto and Syracuse. It consists of a sandy bay bordered by high cliffs. The waters are shallow and the landscape makes this beach particularly fascinating for nature lovers. To reach it you have to walk for about 1 km inside the reserve, starting from the parking area. There are no beach clubs, but the car park has showers and a refreshment area.


Lido di Noto is a golden sandy beach with shallow waters, well served by beach clubs, but also with large public bathing areas. This place, located 8 km from Noto, is very popular and appreciated even by families with children, thanks to the various services and facilities offered to bathers. Suitable also for those who love beach and water sports, this beach has sports fields and equipment rentals. There is a handy car park.



The beach of Gelsomineto, 26 km from Syracuse, is a small natural oasis of fine white sand and clear waters. The pine forest surrounding the beach offers a picnic area and a car park. It is ideal for spending a quiet day at the beach in the midst of unspoilt nature.


Fontane Bianche

Fontane Bianche is a beautiful white sandy beach with shallow waters, a few steps from Syracuse. Much of the coast is occupied by beach clubs offering various services (beach umbrella rentals, pedal boats, canoes, bar and restaurant service) and there are parking areas about a hundred metres away. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the south-east of Sicily, which is why in summer it is very popular and sometimes crowded.


An enchanting beach of golden sand and rocks near Syracuse, which meets many different needs. The sandy beach offers a variety of services to bathers, from rental of beach umbrellas, deckchairs and pedal boats, to showers, bars, restaurants and car parks. It is quite crowded in summer, but is quiet early and late in the season. The cliffs are a perfect place for appreciating this clear sea.



The Plemmirio is a protected marine reserve with free entrance close to Syracuse, with many cliffs, underwater caves and rocky or sandy coves. A true marine paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling, which can be practised in the deeper seabed of the coves. The coast is also recommended for hiking along the top of the cliffs, from where you can admire a beautiful view. The area is completely wild, with the exception of a few bars and restaurants that can be reached by car. You can park close to the various cliffs or coves where you wish to stop.


La Playa di Catania

La Playa is the main and largest beach of Catania, and is formed by fine golden sand with shallow waters. It is the ideal place to enjoy the sea and there is easy parking (free and paying). The beach offers many services ideal for families with children: showers, bars, restaurants and beach equipment rentals, as well as several beach volleyball fields, camping areas and a water park.


The black lava cliffs of Aci Castello, near Catania, are a true paradise for anyone who loves diving and exploring the very beautiful seabed. The rocks are accessible along boardwalks where you can also sunbathe. The beach is located near the town, so it is easy to park nearby and reach bars and restaurants. The waters are very deep, so we recommend this place for experienced swimmers.


Aci Trezza

Famous for its sea columns, Aci Trezza, a seaside village near Catania, is rich in lava cliffs equipped with boardwalks for bathing. Access is free, but there are also numerous beach clubs with umbrellas, deckchairs, bars and restaurants. The waters are deep, so they are suitable for competent swimmers and divers. There is free and paying parking.


Giardini Naxos

The long beach of this famous Sicilian seaside resort near Taormina consists of fine, grey gravel, but varies depending on the area. Its crystalline waters deepen just a few metres from the shore. The beach is public but also served by numerous beach clubs with showers, bars, restaurants, beach equipment and a rescue service. Activities such as paragliding, parasailing and paraflying can be practised. There is free and paying parking.


Isola Bella

This scenic pebble beach with crystalline waters is connected to a small island by a stone causeway, and is one of the best known and most visited seaside resorts in Sicily near Taormina. The narrow beach is public and partly served by beach clubs. You can explore the island by paying an inexpensive ticket or take a motorboat or boat ride around it. There is free or paying parking on the road along the beach.


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