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3 markets you must visit in Sicily - La Pescheria, Vucciria, Ballarò.


Catania's morning market is alive with noisy banter and swordfish heads casting sidelong glances across silvery heaps of sardines. La Pescheria is the historic Catania fish market, renowned for its colors and its picturesque atmosphere that brings this place back to the levels of the Arab souks and that in Sicily has only one direct "competitor": the "Vucciria" market in Palermo. The shoals of fish are located in front of the historic "Archi della Marina" in a tunnel excavated in the 16th century under the Palazzo del Seminario dei Chierici. The market is renowned for its "vuciata" or the cry of the sellers who grab the attention of customers and the always fresh fish and numerous varieties present on the counters.


Unlike other ancient markets in other cities, the Ballarò is still very popular and very lively in Palermo, and despite the spread of large shopping centers, it is still the best place to buy food in Palermo. Among the stalls and small shops of the Ballarò you can buy meat, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables at km 0, coming directly from the Palermo countryside, and still cheeses, typical products, sweets.


During the weekend you can dine outdoors on the plastic tables of Piazza Caracciolo. A wide assortment of local street food including panelle, crocchè or scrapings, Rocky bread with spleen or Tanino stigghiole, boiled octopus, roasted fish, swordfish rolls, thistles in batter etc. and a good beer rigorously "chilled" will allow you to fully understand the soul of the market.


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