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Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadis but no less inviting for that. It is very hilly, though the highest peak, “Pizzo dei Monaco”, only rises to 278m. Much of the coastline is made up of dramatic rocky cliffs, though there are a few lovely beaches. Everything is minimal: there is 1 village (Cala Dogana), 1 road, 2 shops, 2 hotels and 2 restaurants. Peace and quiet are ensured and stressful city life soon becomes a distant memory. Its main “sight” is, as mentioned above, the Grotta dei Genovesi, but apart from this there is wonderfully little to do except walking, going on boat trips, swimming, reading and eating.

Top Attractions

Grotta del Genovese

Between 6000 and 10,000 years old, the Upper Palaeolithic wall paintings and Neolithic incised drawings at the Genovese Cave were discovered in 1949 by Francesca Minellono, a painter from Florence who was holidaying on Levanzo. Mostly featuring bulls and horses, the later ones also include men and tuna. Visits to the grotto are by guided tour only, and reservations are required.


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