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What to see in Favignana

A local guide for those who want to visit Favignana, best places to see and top attractions.

Favignana is the largest and most important of the islands. It lies some 10 miles of the Trapani coast and is a popular holiday destination in the summer months largely thanks to its crystalline azure waters in bays such as Cala Rossa.

You can easily explore the island's eastern half on a bicycle, as the terrain here is almost completely flat. Around the coast, deep gouges in the cliffs are reminders of tufa quarrying that occurred in the past; many of these have now been reclaimed by the crystal-clear waters and are atmospheric swimming spots.

Top Attractions

Favignana's 19th-century tuna cannery – a vast, elegant, waterfront complex overlooking the port and built from the local tufa stone – is now a fascinating museum focusing on the local tuna fishing industry.

No visit to Favignana is complete without a memorable hike or run uphill to this hilltop fort, built atop an ancient Saracen fort in the 15th century and today ruined and abandoned.

Favignana's centrepiece palazzo is a garden-framed caramel mansion, built in a fancy Liberty style in 1876 for local fishing tycoon Ignazio Florio who purchased the Egadi Islands in 1874.

To get under the skin – quite literally – of the island of Favignana, take an eye-opening stroll around these unusual botanical gardens, created by owner and visionary Maria Gabriella Campo from 2005.


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