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Where to eat in Ortigia Island, Siracusa.

A local guide to Ortigia Island, for those who want to discover the most authentic side, try the must see restaurants, and best places to drink.

Eating in Sicily is a privilege, which is why we have selected for you a series of unconventional restaurants in which to have a real culinary experience.


Don Camillo

Every tradition, even the most ancient, was originally a novelty. Here, in fact, recipes are born that day after day become true classics. For some it is a somewhat pretentious restaurant. However, the many positive reviews respond to the few criticisms. The watchwords are: impeccable service, elegance and quality. In summary it is worth trying, that's all.

Il Tiranno Caportigia

Beautiful structure on three levels among the best known in the area. The management's mission is to enhance the products of the territory. Among the negative opinions they point out the small portions and an organization to improve. However, many argue and exalt the courtesy of the staff and dishes that are an expression of pure creativity. In practice, the challenge is a continuous stimulation of the senses.

Osteria Apollonion

The peculiarity here is the menu - which changes according to the catch of the day. This is in fact one of the best places to eat fish in Syracuse. The place is nice and basic. Few flaws and many praises that are confirmation of a family-style welcome formula.


You come for the view, you come back for the food. Some turn up their noses due to the frequent presence of so many foreigners. However this is a symptom of a success that runs through the network or by simple word of mouth. The gastronomic proposal reserves emotions for true gourmets.

Locanda Maniace

Just off the beaten track of Ortigia, there is this small outpost of taste. Any complaints? Maybe just the bill, but it's a matter of point of view. In all other respects it is one of the places to eat in Syracuse at least once.


Cappuccio - Fresh Fish Street Food

If you pass by the ancient market area, in via Emanuele Giaracà 8 you will find Cappuccio - Fresh Fish Street Food, a cult place for fresh, raw and fried fish. The venue, just under 30 square meters large, offers the public and consumers the opportunity to eat high-level street food and to participate actively and intensively in market life.

MOON - Move Ortigia Out of Normality

Going south instead you find MOON - Move Ortigia Out of Normality, in via Roma 112. As the name suggests, MOON was born with the aim of being an unconventional place where traditional Sicilian dishes are reinterpreted according to the diet vegan (they are 100% vegetable, raw and gluten-free). In addition, the restaurant offers a year-round cultural program that has transformed it into the heart of the city's artistic life.

Trattoria La Foglia

A little further on, in via Capodieci 21, is Trattoria La Foglia, opened in 1982, which more than a restaurant is an experience to be lived, a sort of theatrical performance in which eating becomes only part of a process. The managers are amazing, and the welcome is such that it seems more like a Mediterranean home than a restaurant.

Il Blu

Going towards the sea of ​​the east coast, in via Nizza 50, you will find Il Blu, a Restaurant and Wine Bar located on the seafront of Syracuse, in the heart of Ortigia, from where it offers an enchanting view of the sea thanks to the panoramic veranda.



Based on a true story is one of the best known places in Ortigia. It is located near the ancient market, in via dell'Apollonion 96, here you can drink cocktails as much as quality beers and wine, but above all you can enjoy the wonder of this bar which in the evening sets up the outdoor space with vintage furniture found here and there by the managers themselves.

Enoteca Solaria

A more traditional place, historically linked to Ortigia, is the famous Enoteca Solaria, in via Roma 86. Opened since 1987 exclusively as a shop selling wines and spirits, over the years Solaria has been transformed into a small wine bar with tables at the indoor and outdoor. Throughout its history, two young people have replaced the old manager and have given their mark to the place, directing it to the knowledge of the world of natural wine. Among the shelves of the restaurant there are almost all the producers of Sicilian natural wine and many others from the rest of Italy and from all over the world.

Castello Maniace bar

Then, of course, there is the Castello Maniace bar, the heart of the Ortigia Sound System Festival. With its design inspired by the famous Syracusan scientist Archimede, the Maniace-Ortigia is the new space that rises on the former Piazza D'Armi designed to be a versatile place with a green area, a refreshment point, a kids area and a event space.


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