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The best beaches in the Southeast of Sicily

Scoglitti; Kamarina; Randello; Punta Braccetto; Punta Secca; Marina di Ragusa; Donnalucata; Cava D'Aliga; Sampieri; Pisciotto; Marina di Modica; Pozzallo; Santa Maria del Focallo; Punta Ciriga; Porto Ulisse; Granelli.



The beaches of Scoglitti are mostly unspoiled with fine golden sand. There are

chalets equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas and the possibility of free parking. Location suitable to meet the needs of everyone, from families with children, to couples or elderly people, with restaurants and bars close at hand.



The beach of Kamarina, characterized by fine golden sand and a stretch of cliff, is a free bathing resort and offers an establishment with deckchairs and umbrellas. On the edge of the beach there are free parking lots. It is also ideal for families with children, thanks to the presence of shallow waters and services offered by the chalet, such as bar and restaurant.



Randello offers a beautiful golden and uncontaminated beach with free management, in which the first services are located at about 3 km. It is part of the Randello Nature Reserve, managed by the Forest Service, and is ideal for lovers of peace and nature. At the entrance of the reserve there are two guarded parking lots and to reach the beach you have to take a path about 1 km long. There is currently a chalet with a bar and services.


Punta Braccetto

This beach, with a beach of fine golden sand and cliffs, is very popular during the high season (July and August) and is characterised by a coastline rich in chalets that rent beach equipment. Thanks to its shallow waters, it is especially suitable for families with children and for those who want to spend days at sea in total comfort. There is no lack of stretches of free beach and free parking spaces. Along the coast there are also several equipped campsites.


Punta Secca

Its enchanting sandy and golden beaches are interspersed with stretches of rocks with shallow waters. Very busy during the summer season by tourists and vacationers of the place, this town offers several chalets, bars and restaurants at your fingertips and is suitable for everyone. If you come by car, you can park for free at 200 m from the beach (the area immediately next to the beach is ZTL area) or in guarded parking areas usually active in July and August.


Marina di Ragusa

The expanse of golden sand of Marina di Ragusa lapped by a clear sea and sloping seabed is very popular with families, children and teenagers. The beaches are free, but there are also beaches with deckchairs, umbrellas, bars and restaurants. You can practice many sports, both on the beach and in the water. The promenade along the coast offers numerous free and paid parking lots.



Donnalucata is characterised by two wonderful beaches of fine, golden sand: the main beach is next to the marina and is equipped with a chalet and has free parking nearby. The second is wilder and consists of a very long sandy stretch (3 km) with shallow waters and crystal clear waters. Perfect for those who want to spend moments of total relaxation, on windy days it becomes a paradise for lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing.


Cava D'Aliga

Pretty little beach bordered by two high cliffs, much frequented especially by young people, thanks to the presence of various sporting events during the summer season, such as beach volley tournaments and beach tambourines. The beach is characterised by very fine golden sand and is served by a chalet and several bars located on the seafront. There are free parking areas just a few meters from the beach.



The long beach of Sampieri is formed by a splendid beach of golden sand, largely bordered by a pine forest equipped with picnic tables. At the entrance there is a large guarded parking lot. The free beach is served by some chalets with umbrellas and deck chairs, bars and restaurants and is ideal for all those who love having various services on the beach.



It is so called the last part of the beach of Sampieri, very beautiful and unspoiled, formed by fine golden sand, crystal clear waters and a cliff ideal for snorkelling. There are no bars and services, but a characteristic walking kiosk serves the area in high season to allow bathers to refresh themselves with some fresh drinks. The car can be parked along the road at the edge of the beach. Also, nearby is located the Fornace Penna, an industrial architecture now in disuse. It can be visited for free at your own risk as it has not been secured.


Marina di Modica

Fine golden sand, rocks and waves perfect for windsurfing: natural beauty and fun are concentrated in this very lively free beach, full of beaches with bars and restaurants. Its waterfront has two comfortable parking lots and several chalets that rent umbrellas and deck chairs. Ideal for those who love water sports and want to have fun with beach activities.



A long free beach of fine, golden sand, shallow waters and plenty of bathing establishments that offer various services to bathers. The beach is located near the waterfront where you can park and is particularly suitable for families with children. Being within the town, you can easily reach bars, restaurants and clubs located near the beach.


Santa Maria del Focallo

A wild and uncontaminated beach, Santa Maria del Focallo is a true marine paradise for those who like to relax in a wide stretch of golden and thin sand. Some beach establishments serve the beach and there are no parking areas, but swimmers often leave the car at the side of the road.


Punta Ciriga

A pristine marine paradise, made up of sandy coves, cliffs and natural caves. The beach of Punta Ciriga is ideal for those who love nature, want to relax in its shallow and clear waters or take walks along the cliff to admire the landscape from above. At the beginning of the cliff there is an area of ​​old abandoned houses where you can park your car. There is only one bathhouse with a small bar and an area equipped for campers.


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