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The best beaches in the Southwest of Sicily

Capo Feto; Tre Fontane; Triscina; Marinella di Selinunte; Porto Palo di Menfi; Spiaggia Sovareto; Capo San Marco; Eraclea Minoa; Torre Salsa; Giallonardo; Capo Rossello; Scala dei Turchi; Porto Empedocle; San Leone; Punta Bianca; Cala Paradiso; Gela.


Capo Feto

Capo Feto beach in Mazara del Vallo is a 5 km long beach bathed by a blue tide. Here you will find one of the still intact marshes of the province of Trapani which is part of a protected area with dunes, beach and wetlands.


Tre Fontane

In the immediate vicinity of Castelvetrano and Selinunte you will find the Tre Fontane beach in the municipality of Campobello di Mazara. In addition to the fine sand and crystal clear water that distinguishes the Trapani coast, the Tre Fontane beach also has fresh water springs. It is excellent for every need, from walks to football games on the beach.



Natural continuation of the Selinuntian coast, in Triscina the beaches widen and smoothen, offering bathers an ideal coast for any type of activity. The wide coastline allows families with children to have space available, and the shallow water for several meters is a safety for children and fun for young people who love to play with their feet always in the water.


Porto Palo di Menfi

A few kilometres east of Selinunte stands the promontory of Porto Palo on which a group of houses and settlements are distributed. Porto Palo is a small coastal hamlet in the municipality of Menfi in the province of Agrigento. At the center of a natural amphitheater on the coast of the Canale di Sicilia, was the ancient eastern port of Selinunte.


Spiaggia Sovareto

On the stretch of coast east of the city center, Sovareto Beach is a beach of dense and very fine sand that descends towards the crystal clear sea. It can be reached through the thick Mediterranean scrub, teeming with fragrant prickly pears and ancient silver olive trees.


Capo San Marco

The Capo San Marco Nature Reserve is a tip of wild territory. The land, covered with thick spots of Euphorbia alternating with palm trees and Mediterranean scrub, stretches out by drawing natural paths that lead to spectacular coves set among the yellow and limestone rocks that sink into the sea. Set inside the reserve, a very precious jewel, the San Marco Beach, a stretch of sand with golden tones that reflects the amber rocks above it and throws itself abruptly into a clear sea, full of flora and fauna treasures much appreciated by enthusiasts of the 'diving.


Eraclea Minoa

Located between the Platani river and the Capo Bianco promontory, on which there are archaeological excavations, it offers 6 km of breathtaking coastline, fine white sand washed by a transparent and clear sea and surrounded by a lush Mediterranean pine forest, ideal for a while to relax in the shade.


Torre Salsa

Torre Salsa beach, managed directly by the WWF, is part of the Regional Natural Reserve and is a large protected natural area. About 13 km long, it presents itself as an alternation of high rocks and small and large coves, a totally uncontaminated area, still little known and therefore frequented by naturists and by those who love being surrounded by nature. WWF has taken this reserve to heart, as Caretta Caretta turtles come here to lay eggs every year.



Fine sand and crystal clear waters. Giallonardo is made up of two very long and different beaches, both sandy, each with a refreshment stand. Looking at the sea, on the right the wide beach of Baia delle Sirene, surrounded by a light coloured promontory, on the other end, on the left, the long narrow beach known as La Spiaggetta, stormed at the end of the beach, under the red promontory, for the clay to be sprinkled on the body as a natural treatment.


Capo Rossello

Capo Rossello, in the municipality of Realmonte, with the background of the Scala dei Turchi, offers games of unique colours, with the white and red rocks that overlook the blue Mediterranean sea. From this promontory, a spur of red rock overlooking the sea, you can enjoy a truly breathtaking view.


Scala dei Turchi

Also in the municipality of Realmonte, we also find the famous Scala dei Turchi. It is a cliff of white marl, with large white steps and wavy shapes overlooking the sea, where you can sunbathe, go for walks or dive into the sea. In recent years it has become one of the most famous and visited attractions in the province of Agrigento, thanks to its geological conformation: as the name says, it is a real staircase of a bright and dazzling white, which frames and contrasts the blue of the sea.


Porto Empedocle

In the municipality of Porto Empedocle, west of the town, Lido Azzurro and Marinella are very long golden and fine sandy shores overlooking a turquoise sea. These beaches are equipped and offer various tourist services.


San Leone

San Leone is the seaside resort of Agrigento. Its wide golden sandy beaches stretch for kilometers, often sheltered from the winds thanks to the presence of rocks. In the area of ​​the seaside resort there are equipped beaches, kiosks and bars, the hub of summer nightlife. In the eastern part, however, more wild and windy, there are sand dunes (hence the name of the area) and it is possible to play sports such as surfing or kitesurfing, as well as spending pleasant moments enjoying a local wine and admiring the sunset in one of the few kiosks present.


Punta Bianca

The Punta Bianca Nature Reserve is an extraordinary beach, a definitive lunar paradise for the atmospheres that the white limestone rock can give. The road to get there is very inaccessible, but the view is worth the trip: it is necessary to take a bumpy road, unpaved and surrounded by wild nature, which overlooks an equally wild and particular coast.


Cala Paradiso

The beach is flanked by two promontories that define this small bay with golden sand and crystal clear sea. The beach is very small, this makes it particularly crowded during the high season, also thanks to its beauty. Presence of bars and restaurants nearby.



The beach stretches for thirty kilometers; here as well as in most of the southern coast, the beach is of fine and straw-coloured sand, against the backdrop of hills overlooking generously on a sea rich in fauna and archaeological finds.


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