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Trekking in the Parco delle Madonie in Sicily

Trekking in these areas will allow you to cross extremely diverse territories. Signs of an ancient religiosity but also of hard-working country life: in isolated areas in the mountains you can discover monasteries, rock churches, hermitages and various religious buildings; along the streets of the waterways, ancient farms and mills.

The itinerary Vallone Madonna degli Angeli is suitable for everyone and more than spectacular. A path that will allow you to discover the rarity and beauty of the Madonie fir also known as the Nebrodi fir. It will be a ring route, about 7 km long that will take you to a maximum height of 1600 meters for a total of 3 hours.

A more demanding and longer itinerary is the one that will lead you to the discovery of the ruins of Ventimiglia Castle, the starting point of this trekking tour passing through Passo Canale and arriving at Monte Daino . A path about 9 km long that alternates long walks immersed in the beech forest and then leaves room for wide and spectacular panoramic views.

Another destination are the Gole di Tiberio. In a deep valley on the border between Castelbuono and San Mauro Castelverde, in the eastern Madonie, a place of enchanting beauty where the protagonist is precisely the water, together with the rock. Here the waters of the Pollina river, impetuous during the winter months, over millions of years have eroded and shaped an outcrop of Mesozoic limestones creating one of the most fascinating and suggestive environments in Sicily.


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